Monday, March 30, 2015

[Lookbook] Architectural Precision

[Customized Two Piece Suit] TAILOR4LESS [Sunglasses] MARC JACOBS [Shirt] TM LEWIN [Briefcase] LOUIS VUITTON [Brogues] OLIVER SWEENEY x JOHNNIE WALKER
I've often been asked the question. So Architecture? Will you ever go back to studying? Just to recap, I studied Architecture in University and graduated with Part 1. In the world of design, it's 3 parts, with additional work placement in an Architecture Firm. The 7 years including Masters include the RIBA (Royal insitute of British Architects) which clarify's your certificate for the title everyone wants of being an Architect. You can open your own firm and it literally becomes a community of trust worthy designers, contractors and engineers. Back to the question, at the moment in time no because I am here in the fashion industry, standing on my own two feet, all because of studying Architecture and starting Fashitects at the same time, was the best pathway I've created. Blogging might become a phase, but between you and me, it's the stepping stone to the future of design as the possibilities are endless. I've become quite a perfectionist with my unique perspective and an angle I tend to continue sharing.  

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Photo by Millie Cotton 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[Lookbook] Cobalt Construction

[Sunglasses] MARC JACOBS [Two Piece Royal Blue Suit] HAWES & CURTIS [Knitwear Sweater & Houndstooth Socks] REISS [Bounder Blue Loafers] STALLARD

I often get asked the question by fellow gents that want to be more confident with fashion and having thoughts in styling themselves. ''Where do I begin?'' I always say, start with the foundation essentials with an item you want to wear, for instance a white shirt. Classic for a majority of suit and sartorial combinations, which frankly didn't take that much equations or calculations to weigh up the mass of concrete. For myself personally, it took time to grow and build what I call the fashion week attire, a staple worn everyday for spring and summer. For a trend to never go out of date where we can discuss tailoring and the services of having modernised alterations. Is it more shocking these days for men to be more dapper then ever, or the idea of being brave and the cobalt blue suit being more an electrifying factor. Surely, if it's anyone absorbing all this information regardless how hot the sun is shining, then it is only a man's duty to take the lead. 

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Photo by Millie Cotton 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

[Lookbook] The Regent Royals

[Sunglasses] MARC JACOBS [Shirt] TOPMAN [Folio] JOHN LEWIS [Trench coat] ROKIT VINTAGE [Trousers] ZARA [Monkstraps] GOODWIN SMITH
Growing up as a Londoner myself, I tend to take for granted how great this City is. For all travelling scenarios, we have a limited amount of time to squeeze every touristy checklist off and absorb as much information experiencing new places. If you had to press the reset button at 79 years old (and so this fortune teller says that's when am going to die), how would you approach the current life. Taking this in mind, having a fresh mind and realising why tourists come to your own city, is how I took this experience on board. There is no time to regret what we could have done, except for adapting the essence of our own personal unique perspectives. By this being said, life's too short for throwbacks on outfits, instead going bolder and brighter with style will only be another offset to your daily outfits of the day. It's ok to rework with the same materials and wear the same combinations again, once I've realised I had worn the exact same clothes last week.  
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Photo by Moeed & Kevin

Thursday, March 19, 2015

[Lookbook] The new dimension

Just incase your wonder, am not in France anymore neither am I becoming a French blogger. Although my third most popular readership is French readers, you'll find me teleporting to London to Paris rather often in the coming months. If it's an excuse to leave from one city to another to become closer to my european side, and explore the lengths of every monument then so has it. From Hotel de Ville to Cruella Deville and back to Palais de Tokyo and comic anime characters. They call me the Gothic meets modern day Anime dresser, where complexity of fashion has reached unpredictable boundaries. I like to test the face of time, challenging the potential of finding my 'personal style' that the traditional menswear consumers, stay traditional. As for myself exploring trends before its trending and sharing the innovation of design to another level. #FashitectinvadesFrance  
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