Friday, April 11, 2014

[Lookbook] What's the time Marc Jacobs?

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14 Menswear Watch Range Available at Goldsmiths & Watchshop 
[Sandals] Forever21 [Suit] Julie Eilenberger [Bag] Prada [Shirt] Dolce & Gabanna [Sunglasses] Acne Studios [Watch] Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14 Menswear 
We all know how in advanced me should time ourselves from the minute you wake up from bed. Your early morning rituals, attempting not to press the snooze button that is, time management is key as we should all be punctual and now ''Fashionably late''. Shower & Hair styling maintenance and organising your clothes the night before. Once you leave the house, there is no going back unless you forget your essentials like my business cards. The classic ''I am just leaving the house'' when you are still deciding what to wear or blaming the British transport. Let me introduce to you the new Marc by Marc Jacobs, first menswear collection to have just launched this SS14. With elements such as the iconic use of Military and vintage elements, his signature authentic sophistication is translated into the stainless steel designs. When you are in a rush, in that case for a majority of us, sleep earlier, organise your time and you won't be dodging all these people. Now that I have ''Larry'' (The watches name- don't ask me why), Marc Jacobs by my wrist, I am sure to be early on every occasion. 
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Photo's by Alicepoint

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

[Lookbook] Forest Sidewalk

[Birch Monkstraps] Russell & Bromley [Trousers] Zara [Folio] Holdall & Co [Rain Trench Coat] Alex Christoph3r [Sunglasses] Acne Studios 
Let's talk about seasonal trends. Do you follow what everyone else is wearing during the season at the time? For instance, army camouflage being a big hit this year with the green and black vintage jackets, with modernised takes sold on the high street. Even I have to admit I did too! Here's a new interpretation with the Alex Christopher forest trench coat, fresh, interesting & artistic. It's nature at its beginning peak in London, evergreen shades bursting with vibrant florals, with the sunset later towards the evening, then it only calls for summer is close by. From the SS14 Collection available now, printed coat's are trendier than ever! No matter what season, it's the perfect rain trench coat with the hood that opens as big as an umbrella! 
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Photo's by Alicepoint

Monday, April 07, 2014

[Lifestyle] Conde Nast Brides the Show

[SouthPort Brogues] Russell & Bromley [Suit] Next SS14 [Briefcase] Louis Vuitton [ Fedora Hat] Accessoryo [Glasses] My Optique 
I woke up in the morning, getting suited up like a dapper gentleman, only to arrive at the main Stylish Bridal convention that happens twice a year. With bride's to be they enter in there couple herds, I indeed had no intention of being a groom to be yet, instead I was invited by Bride's the Show to discover the event. Just when you thought the entrance wasn't enough, the main inside venue was beyond magical. Full of floral bouquets, picturesque stalls & the most amazing presented creatively directed visual merchandises, there was instagram at the ready. Yes, it was a rather overwhelming experience, even I felt stressed for those getting married, now I understand why it has to be perfect. Where all the preparation with the wedding planner and the control freak that is yourself (the bride) put's all the dedication to make the one day beyond magical. Your Wedding day. Calling all perfectionists, multi-taskers and cinderella's that dream of this occasion. From presentation to the perfect dress, food, clothing, jewellery, hair & makeup, dining venues, photoshoots, the perfect ride (did you see all the Rolls Royce?) the list just goes on. Who knew I'd be talking about weddings, let alone organise the guest list for your invitations. Not to say the Groom doesn't have a fair share in this special occasion, for us getting the tailored suit is just as important to the bride's dress (someone agree with me). Here is a celebratory message from me to all married couples to be in the future, pop the fizz and cheers to a great day to cherish for life. 
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Photo's by Shay TheLondonite