Saturday, September 27, 2014

[Lookbook] Rock & Roll with John Varvatos

[Shoes] Dolce & Gabbana [Trousers] Bethnals IskoDenim [Coat] Vanity Vice [Shirt] Yves Saint Laurent [Tie] Zara [Blazer] Fashitects Collection 
In celebration of the new US Brand John Varvatos, the first European store landed in London. With a bus of bloggers, it was like no other British public transport I have been on, no Oystercards needed to tap on, neither did I have to other my seat to the elderly. Besides the vintage decoration, tartan check seats & original wooden decking, I came prepared with my smart punk-ish luxe attire. The rock & roll characters is personified in his clothing with old world classmanship, and modern innovations that meets luxurious modern lifestyle. It was great to experience the authentic journey through London on a classic 1960's Routemaster bus. Visiting Iconic musical destinations in London like Camden Town, Abbey Road & Primrose Hill, it was great to understand the history in the music culture. Attempting the daring rock & roll vibe in my dress code, goes as crazy as wearing my first ever personalised skinny Bethnals jeans with ripped knee flesh. Layered with the warming lambskin coat by Vanity Vice, the fur colour & bomber style is sure to keep me warm this Autumn Winter.

 Location: New Store John Varvatos 12-13 Conduit Street, London.
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Photos by Millie  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[Lookbook] Taking the Next step

[Guerino Monkstrap Boots] Reiss [Suit] NextOfficial [Leather Folio] Holdall & Co [Shirt] Next [Pocket Square] Patrick Grant
What came first? The Architecture or my outfit planning. It's perhaps not so confusing to think that either the Chicken or the egg was self produced, but ill let you unpuzzle that riddle. The Victoria & Albert Musuem with it's central garden courtyard is beyond magical.  Back to the reason I was named Fashitects, resembling an outfit through colour coordination and playing the chameleon game of camouflaging with my Architecture surrounds is what I do best. I am an absolutely massive fan of Next wool tailoring, not only does it fit in my size, they have a great selection of Autumn Winter suits. The coordinated tanned oranges accessories including the Reiss single monk strap boots is a colour statement like the fire glazed bricks.  Capturing the glimpse of radiant sunset casting the summer glow, before being shifted to leave for closing time. Yes it's that time of year when it's getting darker than expected. Autumn has arrived with darker earthy shades bounced back into my wardrobe, you'll be expecting a lot of winter coats.
Location: V & A Musuem 
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Photos by Palm 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

[Lookbook] Superdry goes Sartorial

[Shoes] Dolce & Gabbana [Suit] Timothy Everest x Superdry AW [Briefcase] Louis Vuitton [Shirt] Dolce & Gabbana [Tie] Umotive 
Were not talking about the whole rebranding of Superdry going Sartorial. Without the marketing logo, typography & bold colours, what is the brand without this? The premium department of Superdry has wardrobe stables including contemporary British tailor Timothy Everest, that is better suited to my taste. With a wide selection of iconic pieces this Autumn/Winter, you are sure to be fashion business ready for any meeting. I have always wondered what it felt like being a business man & working in the financial district, the swamps of business wear taking over the trains at 8am. Amongst the many blazer styles every man should get, is a double breasted jacket (I have been on the hunt for one for ages, yet I am still waiting for more brands to notice this trend). The pin strip vertical lines is just the added bonus elongating your length & it's nice you say, you will get a few dapper compliments or stares along the way...
Location: St Martins Church
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Photos by Millie  

Friday, September 19, 2014

[Lookbook] Razor sharp in Reiss AW

[Shoes] Dolce & Gabbana [3 piece Suit] Reiss Prince of Wales Maleo Suit [Shirt] Dolce & Gabbana [Tie] Topman 
The gentleman's club. Not only do you have to dress well, but living a healthy lifestyle comes with an expensive cash flow. Your appearance isn't as easy as waking up like looking like you stepped onto the red carpet, but sustaining your mentality in a positive way. Yes thats right, men like to be groomed, taken care of as much as females like to get pampered. MANicures, massages & of course facial treatment, and they say you have to be a MAN to accomplish these treatments. You can change the way your style yourself in the morning, but your internal feelings is in your expressions. I could perhaps change my hairstyle at Ruffians Barbers, shave my moustache & perhaps question my mind the next day, but at least I will be looking sharp in my new Reiss Autumn Winter suit this season. If it's one thing about sartorial attires, is investing in a good tailor. The great service with Reiss suits is the tailoring service, because we all know how important a dapper suit can change a man.
Location: Ruffians Covent Garden
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Photos by Kylie 

[Lookbook] AllSaints & Architecture

[Sneakers] All Saints AW Crescent Low Top [Trousers] Readers Cricket [Roll Neck] ASOS [Headphones] MonsterEU Diesel Vektr 
Let's take the time machine back to 1930's, where black & white was self explanatory. The era of contrasting shades of grey, where the impact of lighting & shadow created these visual evolutions; before colour screens arrived. The simplicity of my off white chalk palette, is minimalistic like the new All Saints Autumn winter sneaker range. Highlighting the signature mix of contemporary design, coordinated with my Diesel Vektr headphones has made commuting more exciting. Architecturally constructed with it's asymmetric angles, there is nothing like a stylish design, blocking out the trafficking conversations & the sound of Lana del Rey Remixes on my playlist is music to my ears.  

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Photos by Sarah Mikaela