Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Michael Kors Fragrance for Men

[Yellow Blazer] NOOSE & MONKEY [Tie & Pocket Sq] DUCHAMP [Shirt] TM LEWIN [Scarf] NEXT [Fragrance] MICHAEL KORS FOR MEN 
Michael kors introduces a new men's fragrance, inspired by the ultimate jet setter (May 2015).  What may appear as my jet setting lifestyle checking into Rosewood London to the Bentley's Hotel, travelling will always be a part of my life. Making sure I am top of my own game with a few sprits of Incense, suede and sage. With father's day coming around the corner, you can share your personal scent and stay on top of your grooming Cologne game with the Michael Kors Range. Opens with a bright, fresh top note of bergamot, enhanced with herbaceous tones of energising elemi, thyme and black pepper and stimulating coriander and star anise. This modern, masculine scent is enriched by the earthy sensuality of patchouli. sandalwood and sleek woods, with rich musk at the fragrance's core to capture a clean, natural essence. 
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Photographer: Henri Balit 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[Lookbook] Shopping for Summer Shorts

[Derby Brogues] CLARKS [Socks] CNYTTAN [Chino Shorts] TOPMAN [Waistcoat] REISS [Briefcase] LOUIS VUITTON [Shirt] BURBERRY [Sweater] ALEXANDER MCQ
Summer shopping can be dawning for majority of us men. Surfing online or browsing in-store can be a back pain, even as a fashion blogger if you ask me. Topman has made it easier to filter your summer shorts into four categories, denim, chinos, sweats and swimwear. It's time to get out them hot dog leg hashtagging holiday selfies and show off them calfs from the cyclists. No matter what occasion, there's a shorts story for every summer attire. So stop hiding them knees, and surprise the nation with the natures creation on two legs. Praise the British weather for bringing 27 degree weather to the first day of London Collections Men, it felt like a breeze, my official first day of the short's diary. 

In Partnership with Topman 
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Photographer: Chris & Michael 

Saturday, June 06, 2015

[Lifestyle] Allan Pickett for Sanderson

Another leading top London Chef Allan Pickett, introduces this summer's menu at the Piquet restaurant for The Sanderson London Hotel. The open plan restaurant has an interactive relationship with the courtyard, fulfilled with exterior views of the Japanese style garden. The clean, modern and sophisticated Architectural design compliments the picturesque menu; because its a blogger rule to take photos before. With a variety of instagrammable and delicious farm picked flavours to treat the tastebuds, calories are the last thing you'll worry about. The healthy cuisines are sure to tick your balanced diet and that's if you count wine being one of your 5 fruits a day. Recommended to try the complimenting flavours of white or red wine depending on your preference, will make a day after work a little more at an ease; especially when theres a bar of alcoholic beverages at your finger tips.

Address: 50 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NG
Opening hours: Lunch: 12pm to 3pm - Dinner: 6pm to 11pm

Invited as a guest to review the Allan Pickett Menu at the Piquet Restaurant, The Sanderson London Hotel
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Photo by Ed Lumley

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

[Lifestyle] What to wear to Polo Match?

[Shoes] DOLCE & GABBANA [Stripe Socks] SOCKBEAT [Trousers, Tie & Stripe Shirt] HAWES & CURTIS [Blazer] Next [Scarf] MARKS & SPENCERS [Glasses] MARC JACOBS
My first thought, when I was invited to Guards Polo club is: How to dress for a polo event? For someone like myself, it was a first experience to visit the members Guards Polo Club for Sunday Roast and to watch the British tradition Sport called Polo. (A game of Eastern origin resembling hockey, played on horseback with a long-handled mallet). A particular favourite Sport by the Royal family, including the Queen as she rolls in her rolls royce. If it's any motorway away from London, then we can it countryside, situated in Windsor where the grass is greener and there are no sights of skyscrapers to some. It's no surprise, I'd be suited for most occasions, keeping the palette in navy with discrete details of pocka dots and stripes. One for the checklist, blazers, ''polo'' shirts, now you can wonder why it's called dressing for the occasion. Striped shirts were a common trend amongst the crowd, white trousers and of course suitable footwear, besides my classic shiny shoes that are not made for stomping grass on half time. (It's the exciting part when you get to go on the field, to flatten the stomps from the horses). The Sport is in particular funded by one person, charitable to show the wealth and hierarchy status of the higher class generation. (P.S- No Animals are harmed in the making of this photoshoot)

Invited as a guest to the Guards Polo Club
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