Friday, February 27, 2015

[Lookbook] Forever 21 #AllAboutDenim

When I step out from the Car Park, I feel like am in the Tokyo drift movie. Surrounded by engines and motorcyclists, and of course my sidekick Natasha @girlinthelens. There is something rather authentic when it comes to rundown offices, forbidden streets and the alleyway vibes that makes London full of character. The distressed facades to the textured tectonics, to the interwoven stitching and even pattern printing on the fabric. The versatility of Denim is endless, especially as it's the hottest trend this Spring. The iconic wardrobe staple has expanded the style range for both his and hers ranges, from joggers to crop tops and can you believe this Rose patterned Denim Suit combo is from Forever 21!! Somebody call the fashion police! In celebration of the #AllAboutDenim Campaign, I've incorporated ways to wear your everyday denim with my stylish twists at the most affordable range on the high street. For those that didn't think they stocked Menswear, well hello? Make sure to check out the whole range online. 

In Partnership with Forever 21 
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Photographer: Bon Parinya & Sarah Mikaela

Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Lookbook] The unpredictable perspective

[Chelsea Boots] PAUL EVANS NY  [Check Trousers] ROKIT VINTAGE [Grooming Bag] ASPINAL OF LONDON [Chrono Watch] SHINOLA [Bespoke Coat] FASHITECTS
For those that prefer the single life, who need's chocolates and roses, or a three course meal at the Ritz to be loved. Guilty as I am, finding something I passionately love doing is, creating content for Fashitects. There is no doubt of valentines being the newspaper headline in the world today, where the romantic fellas come out to play and the single ladies want a ring on it. There's something so captivating when it comes to perspectives. Whether it is a certain colour, inspiration or a unique vision that challenges us in our lives. We know that everyone is different, but finding yourself amongst the crowd, is a statement in itself. I personally love the complexity over the simplicity, mixing patterns and complimentary colours. I tend to camouflage more into my Architecture than ever, theming the lifestyle around Fashitects. The unpredictable essence of fashion when it comes to location scouting and outfit planning, get's harder everyday. I remember the time when I was asked to design my own collection. Without any hesitation I stumbled upon my thoughts and did what I felt I personally loved. No stress, planning involved, but the expression of creativity bursting through my brains from paper to the made to measure service. The appreciation is in the craftsmanship and the compliments that people actually want to buy this jacket. When it's something you've created, there's not problem in wearing this coat everyday is it? It's a tailored statement that says, remember where design comes from, the passion in your heart without the popular design labels. It's my personal feeling towards fashion and a taster of the future to come. I can't wait to continue my journey with #FASHITECTCOLLECTION. (Note: Jacket is mine and not for retails)
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Photos by Diantha 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

[Lifestyle] British Business Blues

The Box of Socks comes with a variation of 5 different Combed cotton pairs. Avaiable from 

For UK Customers: Simply Download the LAUNDRAPP and visit for more information:

[Blue Bomber Jacket] DAVID NAMAN [Sweater] RALPH LAUREN [3 Piece Suit] REISS [Mount Croc Bag] ASPINAL OF LONDON [Stripe Socks] SOCK BEAT
We find ourselves, commuting more than ever. So you could say home is like your hotel pit stop for some. A city gent like myself, you find yourself saving time and relying on your mobile more than ever. It's essentially your life, even in this modern day in age, kids are born into this technological generation. We wake up with the phone on our bedside table, check our social feeds and emails and it's probably the same when commuting in-between journeys. Not only is it the best invention for being social, a 64GB of data and an online interaction with the world wide web! Where would we be without schedules and a touch screen! Probably window shopping and sipping on Aubaines Restaurant Latte over the new Nutella goodies at Dover Street, Mayfair and chilling at Ham Yard Hotel if you ask me. I love London, exploring new hidden gems around the city, home to opportunities and free wifi should be accessible everywhere! 
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Photos by Alice Zielasko

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[Lifestyle] The beauty of L’Oréal Paris Perfect Age

In celebration of the new L’Oréal Paris Perfect Age Campaign, I would like to proudly present my gorgeous mother to Fashitects' readers. Evidence of the fact that the older we get, the more fabulous we become, my mum embodies the L’Oréal ‘because you’re worth it’ tag-line perfectly. Mother of 8 children, she is hands down he most hard working (and glamorous) woman I know. She was over the moon when I came to her saying L’Oréal wanted to partner with us, and it took very little convincing to get her all dressed up and in front of the camera! And what better place to shoot this editorial than in our own home? - a place my mother has created for herself and her family with great pride.

Perched on our sofa, I sat down to hear all her secrets behind her flawless skin and vitality at, wait for it... 65 years of age(!!!). Her top tips: keep a healthy mind, exercise daily, eat a balanced diet (rice, fish, vegetables), drink plenty of fluids (jasmine tea & water of course), and keep your skin hydrated - day and night.My mother is somebody that I look up to because of her confidence. Yes, she looks incredible for her age, but inside she is even more incredible. She’s 65 and proud of it.
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Featured L’Oréal Age Perfect Products: L’Oréal Paris Rehydrating Day CreamL’Oréal Paris Reinforced Rich Night Cream, Advanced Skin care Extraordinary Face Oil 

In Partnership with Loreal Paris
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