Friday, January 30, 2015

[Lookbook] King of the Windsor Castle

[Foulard Print Fashion Shirt] HAWES & CURTIS [Brown Two piece Suit] TOPMAN [Fur Coat] ISRAEL [Brogue Monk-Hickory] RUSSELL & BROMLEY [Dorset Satchel 13''] FORBES & LEWIS
On a quest to continuously search for new locations in England, avoiding the streets of London for a road trip up North to Windsor, Berkshire. There is so much artefacts behind what makes society different today; the craftsmanship, the Architecture and most importantly the people. We (as in Brits) cherish our heritage, it's places like Windsor castle that attracts tourists like myself to get a sense of history. In my case, pretending to be a King of the castle as it was my first time visiting the Royal Family's second home besides Buckingham Palace. For those visiting over seas, their is a great essence of Georgian and Victorian design based on medieval structures. Camouflaging against the HorseShoe Cloister, with graphic Brickwork and black timber, am sure you'll see my walking 50 shades of brown combination a mile away. The 'FashiKing' has arrived. 
Location: Windsor Castle  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

[Lookbook] Caramel Latte for Mister Mee

[Monkstrap Brogues] RUSSELL & BROMLEY [Socks] CNYTTAN [Scarf] REISS [Briefcase] LOUIS VUITTON [coat] MAXMARA [Corduroy Waistcoat & Trousers] MEE CLOTHING
Coffee meetings? I am going to be brutally honest, am not a fan of coffee, neither am I an expert in ordering a drink in your local coffee shops. Expresso, latte, flat white, what is all of this caffeine non sense. If you see me ordering some sort of Tea cup, its probably Hot Chocolate or English Breakfast Tea because who wants to be on the water detox. I'd get the latte Art just for the sake of a picturesque photo, and we all know it's probably the case for most instagrammers. The 50 shades of caramel latte has left me to conclude on this subject of my latest beige suiting edition. It's not too dense, neither is it too frothy, just ideal for me as I've finally found that right sartorial suit combination. In particular, I've found my ideal cup of 'coffee' with this Corduroy waistcoat from Mee Clothing, an up and coming menswear brand specialising in stylish, versatile clothing at an affordable price. Mee's soft launch ends February 6th, and they're offering 10% discount & free DHL delivery.

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Photos by Sarah Mikaela 

Friday, January 16, 2015

[Travel] The luxurious lifestyle in Lahore, Pakistan

Travelling is the ultimate discovery in life as a human being, adapting to a new environment like a chameleon and allowing moments to cherish through my perspective. As human beings aka fashion bloggers, there is nothing better than to experience a new culture and attempt to keep stylish under every condition. Packing for 10 days means a multiple supply of endless clothes, because every opportunity is an essential to be dressed for the occasion. Staying at the Pearl Continental Lahore Hotel, the wifi to my office and the ultimate excuse to go swimming before email hours; scheduled hours before the British time zone had caught up prior to 6 hours difference. What may appear to be luxurious, picture ready and a lifestyle to look forward to; is nothing without sharing it with the people that made this trip worth the while. My approach to travelling has definitely changed my perspective, as every scenery is a camera opportunity to instagram and upload. Where would we be without the social apps?
I jumped to the opportunity of travelling to Pakistan for my friend, now newly Weds Shay Mirza ( and Matt, as I was sure not miss an experience of a lifetime. The 3 day wedding is a continuous tradition to celebrate the bride and groom to be. I would say even the camera couldn't capture the best moments, happiness, laughter and even tears, as it was impressive enough to witness the wedding with my own eyes. I got to wear the traditional Sherwani attires and with guidance, my very own bespoke Sherwani that made me feel super elegant. There was no sight of wearing traditional tailoring at this wedding, a very stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, just ideal for fashion and Architecture. 
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
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