Thursday, April 17, 2014

Instore with Joseph Iconics AW14

In a majority of department stores, menswear and womanswear is segregated, generally menswear is located the furthest away from the main entrance. Joseph Fashion has created a secondary line called Joseph Iconics, based on an androgynous luxury with interlinks the relationship of the two genres. For instance, this collection showcases the perfect pieces that every girl coverts from her partner's wardrobe. Who is now to say men/womanswear is seperated, when the same materials and similar designs are crossing each department. The designs are translated into the collection inspired by girl meets boy with a reinterpreted fit and detail. From sports luxe trousers, to tailored three piece suits, and the sherling sheepskin coats (must have) there is something for everyone to building the perfect wardrobe basics. Thanks to Joseph for inviting me down to the HeadQuarters for the preview of AW14 Collection, couldn't resist sharing the array of army manikins & great apparel lined up.     
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Friday, April 11, 2014

[Lookbook] What's the time Marc Jacobs?

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14 Menswear Watch Range Available at Goldsmiths & Watchshop 
[Sandals] Forever21 [Suit] Julie Eilenberger [Bag] Prada [Shirt] Dolce & Gabanna [Sunglasses] Acne Studios [Watch] Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14 Menswear 
We all know how in advanced me should time ourselves from the minute you wake up from bed. Your early morning rituals, attempting not to press the snooze button that is, time management is key as we should all be punctual and now ''Fashionably late''. Shower & Hair styling maintenance and organising your clothes the night before. Once you leave the house, there is no going back unless you forget your essentials like my business cards. The classic ''I am just leaving the house'' when you are still deciding what to wear or blaming the British transport. Let me introduce to you the new Marc by Marc Jacobs, first menswear collection to have just launched this SS14. With elements such as the iconic use of Military and vintage elements, his signature authentic sophistication is translated into the stainless steel designs. When you are in a rush, in that case for a majority of us, sleep earlier, organise your time and you won't be dodging all these people. Now that I have ''Larry'' (The watches name- don't ask me why), Marc Jacobs by my wrist, I am sure to be early on every occasion. 
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Photo's by Alicepoint

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

[Lookbook] Forest Sidewalk

[Birch Monkstraps] Russell & Bromley [Trousers] Zara [Folio] Holdall & Co [Rain Trench Coat] Alex Christoph3r [Sunglasses] Acne Studios 
Let's talk about seasonal trends. Do you follow what everyone else is wearing during the season at the time? For instance, army camouflage being a big hit this year with the green and black vintage jackets, with modernised takes sold on the high street. Even I have to admit I did too! Here's a new interpretation with the Alex Christopher forest trench coat, fresh, interesting & artistic. It's nature at its beginning peak in London, evergreen shades bursting with vibrant florals, with the sunset later towards the evening, then it only calls for summer is close by. From the SS14 Collection available now, printed coat's are trendier than ever! No matter what season, it's the perfect rain trench coat with the hood that opens as big as an umbrella! 
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Photo's by Alicepoint