Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Lookbook] Lavender Galore

[Southport Brogues] Russell & Bromley AW14 [Wide leg Trousers] Armani [Pin Stripe Shirt] Zara [Hat] LackofColors [Fragrance] Bayolea Penhaligon's
Let's escape the touristy landmarks, chaotic traffic and office skyscrapers of London. A few miles drive to the magical landscape of Mayfield Lavender Field, the land of fragrance. The smell of countryside air, floral plants & row's of athletic hurdles that was just asking to be an Olympic obstacle. Although I saw the sign on the way out (thank me later Mayfield), you can perhaps imagine the freedom of leaping in wide leg pants. If I got the award for being stylish and finishing last in the race, then I will take that as a compliment. Embracing summer at it's prime season, bursting with vibrant colour, the essence of lavender is infused into the packaged Eau de Toilette of Penhaligon's new Bayolea Grooming Range. The invigorating aroma's of Cardamom, Black Pepper, Neroli & of course Lavender with zesty notes to finish. On the subject of letting loose, being limitless with style in Armani Wide leg trousers is one for the adventurous guys. Being fearless, confident and accepting a challenge, whilst pretending to be your countryside lavender smoker kind of guy. 
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Travel] Saigon #FashitectInvadesVietnam

Where do I begin? ''Pack your bags, your going to Vietnam'' ok, let's make it for a month. What comes to mind immediately is, what to wear.  Waking up in another country, was a delight, even at 6am ready for breakfast. From mini pop up stalls to authentic restaurants, there was a discovery on every street corner, checking the touristy attractions is perhaps an essential for every foreigner. You are never too short of amazing Vietnamese food. Vietnam is definitely an up and growing developing city, with many investors introducing high sky scrapers. Being Streetwise when your travelling in another country at your own risk, had me on my Ninja toes on every occasion. My campaign with Jaguar had me #livefearless, besides the swamps of humans on the motorbike, crossing the roads was always a fear. Everything around me was rather picturesque, besides myself tackling the heat, my clothes weren't the best attraction on this occasion. I came across the saville Row of Vietnam, bespoke tailors with a made to measure service. Having made one off Fashitect designs, sourcing textured fabrics inspired by surrounding Vietnamese Architecture and especially paisley gate frames, it was exactly what I ordered and more. Thanks to SonyQX100, the ultimate personal photographer gadget attached to my iPhone, your best friend when your travelling alone. With an interview and photoshoot feature with Teen 2!Magazine I was kindly contacted during my time in the City. Travelling back and forth from the Village to the City for production, You can follow my Journey on Instagram with the hashtag #FashitectInvadesVietnam
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