Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LFW Outfit Day One

My inspiration for my look has come from modernising Vintage pieces, high street designs and textures. A combination of complimentary colours adds to the theme of my outfit, based around the autumn colours of dark oranges to browns.

The casual approach to the top half of my outfit, consist of conventions of a Tuxedo- Blazer, Waistcoast and shirt. The burberry print textured shirt underlays the vintage, real leather waistcoat that was originally meant to be my nephews, hence the size is smaller. The vintage textured fabric of the skinny fit blazer finishes off the casual look.

My Riverisland boots have been painted to bring out the signature style of Brogues with silver detailing and the gold section. I like the natural effect of the gold paint, creating cracks and exposing the original layer. The buckle belted bracelets from Pull & Bear adds to the illusion of my Topman trousers from slim fit to carrot fit approach at the ends of the trousers.

[Boots] Riverisland with gold painted detail
[Trousers] Slim Fit Topman
[Bracelets] Belt Buckle Pull & Bear
[Waistcoat] Vintage Car Boot sale
[Shirt] Uniqlo
[Blazer] Topman Skinny Fit
[Bag] Hand crafted Vintage Box

''The slick fellow flirts with the borderline of too much vintage esque features, however triumphs with all his witty style detailing. The bag looks like a treasure from the Titanic, each piece looks Victorian cool''. www.nouse.co.uk

''English country gent + mowhawk = fashion perfection''. Photo taken on 17/09/11 Day 1 at LFW
This youtube clips from BBC world and 24 Hour news, expresses the blogging industry and how the internet has a quicker access to getting the latest information of fashion, designers and products, than magazines. Having this clip viewed on TV and the online media, it has already had over 60million hits. Have been taken pictures during London Fashion Week, i had noticed my picture from Day 2 on the clip. See if you notice me.


  1. hey toni :) I use SONY alpha 230,so nothing special :D thanks for your nice comment,your blog is amazing as well!
    could you send me the pictures we took of me? I'd of course credit you on my blog :)


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