Thursday, September 29, 2011

[LB] Trouser Shirt

The fifth day at London Fashion Week, running out of clothes so i thought of been creative and implied a twist to my look. Inspired by Tokyo Street Fashion and how they wear vibrant colours, textured prints and full on accessories.

By taking a bold and different approach to clothes, people stop and stare as it doesn't seem normal. It might seem abnormal to wear vibrant attentive clothing or potentially a start of a new era.For example, Lady Gaga the trend setter of uniqueness or differentially one of a kind has lead to people like Nicki Minaj. From the trend research this year, i think their will be a different style of mens collection of trouser wear for next year's season.

How often is it that you seen men wearing checked or patterned trousers? Rarely! The high street has stuck with the plain and simple approach to clothes. What is changing in the market except colours, materials and trouser styles? From the research of London Fashion Week, mens printed trousers became rather popular from Designers like Kokon To Zai- known for their bold statements and styles. The current style of trousers: drop-crotch trousers are known for skinny fit at the ankles and loosing fitting at the top.

The illusion of the checked red and black tiles adds to the mysterious twist looking like shorts overlaying the sleeved trousers. What is this twist you ask? Really its a shirt i styled into trousers. We have seen a shirt as a skirt for girls, but it looks more like tied around the waistline. Using the construction of sleeves, the buttoned shirt for detail for the drop-crotch trousers. Being experimental came to mind with this look, hidden in the cupboard of unused clothes. Try reversing some clothes, it works, i have tried!
[Glasses] Topshop [Blazer] Topman [Briefcase] Croc Skin Vintge [Top] Scarf [Trousers] Shirt [Boots] Customized Riversisland

Photo taken by Peter Choi at Cracker your Wardrobe

Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamonn consists from founders Karen, Eric Erickson & Vicki Beamon. The trio knew it was necessary to have jewellery on the runway in the 80's Century working with a local designer. They have been showcased with many other famous designers on the runways from Chanel, Dior, Richard Nicoll and the list goes on. Check out their website for more.

Showcasing their finest range of accessories designs at London Fashion Week. All photos taken at the Exhibition and edits are done by Fashitects.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LFW Day Five

Started the day watching Osman Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Collection. A summary of his collection is very much one palette colour per outfit, simplicity in the pastel colours with flowing materials capturing movement. This is one of the 3 shows i visited this day, more coming soon!

Todd Lynn's Spring & Summer 2012 Collection, floral prints, asymmetry and sheer silk movement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fred Butler Woman's 2012

The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection called ''Sonic Sinuate Supertemporal Sequestador''. Showcased with her first live presentation. Contining her iconoclastic approach to accessories and signature psychedelic use of vibrant colours. Fred Butler's collection reminds me of the kid's tunnel using the same material to construct a caterpillar like frame. It is one of the most creative and artistic to the architecture form using wood sticks creating head piece frames. Designed for the lights of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many more.
Josefine Nielsen from Storm Model Agency

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[LB] Vintage Look

Just outside the Burberry Prorsum venue, opposite the Royal Albert Hall, hyde park. The amazing Queens Gate, grand, golden and elegant in design.
My inspiration for this look was a 1970's Victorian Business Man with a touch of the 21st Century. The Vintage Crocodile Skin Briefcase and braces and straw hat with a bird's feather adds to the classical business man in the olden days.
The printed Tshirt says: You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like Heaven'' Jimmy Hendrix
[Boots] DIY Brogues [Trousers] Vintage [Briefcase] Vintage [T-shirt] Topman [Blazer] Topman [Hat] Vintage

LFW Day Four

The fourth day at London Fashion Week, 18th September. We set the day off finding the secret location for the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2012, located at Hyde Park at the Royal Opera Hall.
What a bunch of Street Fashion Photographers, 3 of which are world wide Korean Photographers, H&M trend researcher for over 10 years and London Fashion by Paul.

Wearing a Celine Trenchcoat tied with a belt, giving the feminine curves at the hip section. Visit the fashionister at Peonylim's Blog
Grace Woodward, fashion stylist, latest seen on Britains next top Model judge.

Francesca Marotta SS12 Collection

Sunday, 18th September 2001. Invited to Francesca Marotta's ''A la Recherche du Temps Perdu'' french for ''In Search for Lost Time showcased at Saint Martins Lane Hotel. The show room of 12 very elegant and tall models surrounds the room with sophistication. The collection can be described as artistic in the form of the feminine frame and grande structure of which the clothes are modelled upon. The attention to detail in the eccentric materials, textures and designs formed around the human structure with volume. Here is just a preview of photos of the event.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

LFW Day Three

Day Three at London Fashion Week, I started the morning watching Richard Nicoll's S/S 2012 Collection for woman's nightwear. A small collection of Street Fashion photos, and celebrities. Later that day I saw Fred Butler's amazing collection at the exhibition, Somerset House, stay in tuned for the next posts.

Founder of Premier Models Management Agency 1981, Carole White

Above is the Burberry Biker studded Jacket, and below is the Jeffery Campbell Studded Platform Boots. It appears to be fierce and dangerous looking, which are an accessory towards the detail to your outfits. Different sizes, styles and shapes, studs has become a big trend recently, and will be in the following months.

Henry Holland, fashion designer of House of Holland and Debenhams, just leaving Richard Nicoll's show.

Annie Monroe, singer from girl band 'The Like'

Brix Smith and Pixie the dog at London Fashion Week, Somerset House.

Austrailian Fashion Stylist for Baazar Magazine, Chrisine Centenera

Friday, September 23, 2011

LFW Outfit Day Two

Here is my outfit for Day Two at London Fashion Week. A pleasure standing next to the one and only Kit from Style Slicker. She is a true inspiration to bloggers and fashionisters in the industry. A rather sleepy photo of myself, as this was the 2nd day of LFW with no sleep after working, hence i look tired! The photography was taken by Zac Frackelton for THE TIMES.
What i was wearing:
[Fur Collar] H&M
[Trench Coat] Korean website
[Trousers] Skinny fit by Topman
[Shoes] Customized John Whites
[Bag] St George by Duffers
This youtube clips from BBC world and 24 Hour news, expresses the blogging industry and how the internet has a quicker access to getting the latest information of fashion, designers and products, than magazines. Having this clip viewed on TV and the online media, it has already had over 60million hits. Have been taken pictures during London Fashion Week, i had noticed my picture from Day 2 on the clip. See if you notice me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Richard Nicoll SS 2012

Richard Nicoll's Spring/Summer Collection for 2012 was showcased on the 18th September. A simplicity of design in sleep wear using the connotations of feminism for the every woman. Using the materials like silk for the comfortability against the skin, exterior and interior and the use of satin sheer, a thin layer of threads, almost transparent.

Photographs & Collage by Toni Tran