Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Completed Creepers

My latest collection pair of Shoes or Triple Platform Creepers as they are called, has caused some travesty. Thanks for the replies from the previous post on My DIY CREEPERS . Finally completing both pairs of Platforms with 824 pins, they have shown to be a show stopper. Whether they get stared at for their height, difference or something out of this world people have never seen before. They should know its a bit rude to stare. Careless of people like them, they should actually think what they are wearing themselves, and whether they can even pull these off. On a plus side, they've shown to be keepers on the fashion side. Metallic, grand in height, something Stylish, Glamorous and Exclusive, just like the personal invitation for Boujis Event later tonight. An After party celebrating the Fashion show with Topshop Directions earlier today. These platforms surely captured some peoples eye, just like the party Scouters that invited me. This reminds me, these platforms still need to be seen in context with an outfit or two! 


  1. These are really cool, love your blog!

  2. I love them. The are bloomin genius. Xxxx

  3. OMG IT'S YOU WITH THE AMAZING SHOOOES!! I have to say I couldn't stop checking them out. hahaha don't worry, I nor my shoes don't bite! I've been looking through your blog all day - I absolutely love it! You live in London right? We should totally meet up and go on a crazy shopping spree some time :) find me on facebook?


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