Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Triple Creepers

Here are my latest pair of shoes or shall we say platforms to my shoe collection. Measuring 3 inches, hence the name 'Triple Platform Creepers', its not your average walking shoes. Feeling reasonably taller, it gives off this confident presence in the way you stand and walk. It's definitely not everyones taste, ignoring all the stares, when its different, taller and the style is not for everyone. Like I said, when something is different your reaction prefers to stay with your instinct you've always felt. It's worth being experimental as I think its fun, a challenging look depending on your style, so if you have the confidence to pull them off, WHY NOT? It's like marmite, you either love it or you hate them. 

Moving on from the 1950's British rock and roll , the creepers are definitely creeping in with the trend in this current era. I saw these platforms from a fashionable trend's view, heels for girls are becoming taller, men's designer shoes like Prada, Converses are adding layers to the soles. The triple creepers platform is neutral for both genders, make sure you check the size as it tends to be a smaller size than what you originally buy. Definitely a pair of platforms you have to get use to. 
Should I carry on the design to the bottom? 

So I thought how can I make these shoes even more trendier for the coming seasons? Seeing that metallic details on shoes are becoming trendy for 2013, I decided to do some DIY and giving the illusion of platforms being at such a great height. I've currently added 320 pins, and is wondering whether to carry on the whole of the shoes, covering all the black. OK now I need your opinions if you reading this, leave a comment below of what you think... 


  1. I need to see you wearing it cuz atm im not too sure if i like it or not hmmm....

  2. i think its good the way it is..otherwise is too much...:)

  3. looks mad gay bro.

  4. that's actually a really clever idea! and no, i dont think you should carry on till the bottom. looks cool the way it is now

  5. they look awesome :D personally i think you should stop.. they look amazing like that allready :D the contrast between the black and silver is flipping awesome

  6. just take them all off

  7. i also like the way they are now!

  8. Replies
    1. I think i have to put them up for sale soon


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