Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the Kitchen

Living at home near university is a plus when it comes to home cooking, but its times when you don't get the luxury of mummy's fine dining. Just to share a quick ready steady cook 15 minute meal, with little time on my hands these days, due to studio work on Architecture. A pretty simple 'Come dine with Toni meal', bursting with flavour and a new twist on your average Pasta & bolognese. Italian dish made quick, easy and fulfilling with flavour. Be warned if you result in poisoning, it is your cooking, so please do not sue me.
Boil Pasta, Dice Vegetables, fried Onions and Beef,  Mix with peppers and leave to boil. Grate Cheese!
The routine is pretty simple as many of you know, just to add a burst of flavouring, add beef stock mixed in warm water to liquidize, red chilli's, and of course salt and pepper. Pretty much optional with the pasta you choose, here I have chosen Fusilli Pasta. 

A meal for one turned into meal made for a portion of four.
Mother's Day Flowers, definitely spring has arrived! Will be back to more posts soon!
Watching these 30 minute cooks by Jamie Oliver, Ready steady Cook, Masterchef, Gordon Ramsey cooking on Tv cooking all these delicious food is something I'd like to perfect! The best of the three courses for me is Desert, but I never get round to make it! Here's some more home made cooks to stare at. 

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