Thursday, March 15, 2012

[LB] DIY Reversible Blazer

Here is an old post, which I thought is relevant today and from now on with moving on with the tradition blazer style. Preferably more casual than all black or plain, the three blocked colours on my inside out Blazer is rather quirky and unique. Segmenting colours, textures, and patterned designs on the arm sleeves will hopefully be a future hit; something different from current retails. Not sure how I came up to this conclusion of the Reversible Blazer, but it works and prefer it than normal. The segments of colour have a different approach to the reversed look that you don't normally see on the exterior of clothing. 
Credits to Tim Ng for the photographs!
[Boots] Riverisland [Trousers] Monki Confession [Bag] Desigual [Waistcoat] Vintage [Shirt] Topman [Reversed Blazer [Riverisland


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