Saturday, March 17, 2012

Military Jackets

Whats happened to the detailing in our clothes in the current 21st century. Looking back at the Military style that has been around the last few years, vertically placed central buttons & shoulder volumes. The designs have become more asymmetric, having several buttons running diagonally giving this elevation of the jacket. Horizontal stripes are an added feature to the 21st century Military Jackets.

Below are two superbly decorative Royal Artillery worn by Russian Royals' wardrobes of mainly French-inspired duds. The feeling of the vintage Jackets, is the feeling of age and history in the past's designers and characteristics you cant just buy on the high street.
Coach Man Jacket 1881-1917 & Postilions Jacket 1825-1855 @V&A website
This late 19th century Coachman's jacket was commonly worn in Russia, a part of the everyday uniform. The low cut tight fit around the waist with lengthened arms and curved vertical gold buttons gives this outfit the formal version of Coachman's livery. Stamped on the left arm, a royal insignia.The Postilions Jacket is trimmed with Gold Braid and gold buttons, from each of which dangles short tassels of gold thread. I love the unique fabrics and attention to detail, not commonly seen today. Giving a rich and characteristic look given from the 19th century, something the 21st century needs to improve and develop back to our styles. Some may consider it being costume like, theatrical, but they are surely one off pieces in design that is not common today.
Quick minute sketches of the Vintage Coat with Tail detailing
Street Fashion Photo: Luis, Visual Merchandiser at Mango wearing Vintage Jacket  & my quick sketches
I found a previous street fashion photo I took in September 2011 of Luis at Oxford Street, wearing a very unique Vintage Jacket. I liked the idea of the low waistcoat style with blazer collars and the curved tail detailing. It's definitely not something you can pick up in the high street. Until I came across this Antiques Military Jacket in an furniture Antiques store.  
Front and back elevation of the Antique Military Coat with Tail. It's all in the dedicated detailing of gold threads
This was an absolute one off piece that was said to be hung up in a Museum in a glass cupboard or worn by a Rockstar. What better use than buying this Devine peice of history for my wardrobe? Something I've always wanted, as its a perfect fit - an added bonus times 10! 
Military Coat Collar and Sleeve detailing. Vintage Top Hat' Size Small- Rare Find?
I also Found this Vintage Top hat, in between the hustle and bustle of vintage antiques. Trying on the Jacket paired with the Top hat, is very much characteristic and theatrical. Wearing on the high street, possibly not. An outfit which I would consider working in or worn to events, a very one off piece and perfect for the occasions. Styling the Top hat that complimented this look, is a consideration of buying both the products. 
Perfect Fitting, and two items I found that stylised together. 
My question is to buy or not to buy. Perhaps its too much considered as a costume look than an average high street outfit. Definitely a one off master piece that has age and antique vintage written all over it. History and old design comes to mind which can't be purchased on the Highstreet. One for the events? Your probably wondering how much, when it comes to designs there is no price. What do you think?


  1. I think you should not buy this jacket because it is not comfortable for streetstyle outfit and not for some event! Imagine you wore this jacket and went to juicy couture show, it's quip!

  2. My wife bought it yesterday (from this shop) and it looks great on her. For women the irony of wearing a 19th-century military jacket probably works better than for men. At £65 for an authentic jacket like that, it was a steal. It's definitely not your "average high street outfit"... way too spectacular. :)

    Btw if you had bought it, I don't think the top hat would go with it well. One is military, the other too civilian. But I do hope you at least bought the hat because second-hand top hats like that are extremely rare!

    1. I definately did not purchase these two amazing items, as I think they are one offs. I would rather purchase things I will always wear and not for the special occasion. Even the Hat, its just not for me am afraid. I want to see this purchase of your wifes!


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