Saturday, March 03, 2012

[LB] Mix the Grey tones

Returning home with a taster of new holiday buys, trends and style's I like. Looking back at the year, you may have noticed an improvement in style in clothes and the overall look. I guess you can say Im finding my style, looking at the old lookbook posts, what was i thinking? I'll be sure not to make that mistake this year... cleaned out half of my wardrobe to make room for the new. When the weather is cold, all you want to do is cover up in layers and warm clothes. Who said you still cant be stylish and warm. My approach to this look came about scrambling through my wardrobe and grabbing a few layers of tops through the same colour palette of grey tones matched with black accessories.

[Boots] Hudson [Trousers] Zara [Rucksack] Desigual [Gloves] TKMAX [Jean Bikers Jacket] Malaysia
I love the combination of textures and the use of two colours, black and grey. Colours come in different shades and textures so you have a several and several of options. Your complication of design and style and how you match it all together complies with your own taste. The ruff textured jean jacket with an underlaying knitwear and soft jean fabric Zara trousers compliments together through the similar tones.


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