Thursday, March 29, 2012

Street Fashion Review

What made you bring back London Street Fashion?
So Im currently in the point where London Street Fashion has been disguised from my blog and it needs some updating of Street styles since London Fashion Week, mean while I prepare for some lookbook personal posts. Since last year, my choice is street fashion has made me become more selective on people published on the blog in comparison when I first started.

What do you look for in capturing these particular people?
It's London's fashions capital, what better than finding the trendy, edgy and fresh people that have individuality and wears fashion in coordinating there styles. I see fashion as an identification of how people are perceived instantly through movement on the streets. What captures my vision in street fashion photography is the whole package in styling, outfit presence, inspirational trends & something refreshing for people to see. Even if it means capturing the one person out of 50 that walk past that knows the marketing trends, is surely worth it.

Street style snaps at London Fashion Week, 6 months between shows how time does pass.
Whats your opinion on street fashion photography and the idea of high street?

Intimidating as being photographed on the streets of London can be, where hundreds of people by pass, it is adds to the extra fulfilment of the day of being noticed. I tend to find that the high street isn't always the best place to find people, as they are either shopping for clothes, styles and inspirations. For me all high streets manufactures and markets the same styles, therefore everyone looks the same and are afraid to step the line sometimes through individuality.

When it comes to photographing, its the whole composition of the personality that I want to capture. Bringing out their presense, whether they're caught in the moment preparing their posture, or just walking towards the camera, is a shot worth taking. Preferably more natural, yet they have ownership in themselves and are comfortable with there style. It can be all surprising at first, being intimidated and shy, as I was first street spotted a few times and I know how it is.

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