Friday, August 24, 2012

[LB] Graffiti Lane

[Shoes] Doc Martens [Socks] Ralph Lauren [Dungaree] Polo Jeans RL [Shirt] Vietnam [Glasses] Market
[Location] Bricklane [Photo Credits to Juliana]
The complimentary basis of just two colours of burgundy and white were used as an influence to create today's summer outfit. The detailing of the printed letters descending from the collar downwards, acts as a gradient that connects with the dungaree shorts. Using the basis of the dungarees and styling it as shorts, is as seen with the folded layer. Just when I thought I would never purchase a pair of doc martens and follow the trend, they surprisingly were comfortable, I managed to get these second hand at a charity store for £10.


  1. Love the docs!

  2. I think the shorts and Shoes are amazing.. Really amazing. thanks for sharing toni tran..
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