Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[LB] Cameo Overalls

[Shoes] Dr Martens [Cameo Army Suit] Customized Vintage [Vest] StarGirl [Necklace] Topshop [Bag] Desigual 
Today I spent the day cycling and embracing london on a Boris Barclay's bicycle wearing my red low top Dr Martens. A bit of an alliteration if you ask me, pedalling through Hyde Park towards the Royal Albert Hall. I am becoming obsessive with one piece jumpsuits for men, just from a different perspective on men's everyday fashion. Army prints was a questionable tactic for me to follow, the trend of cameo army prints have been very very popular which is why I tried to keep away. I can't complain as this one piece was given by my friend, a vintage free gift that used to be own to a person called Mike. It happened to be rather large, which gave me the extra styling edge and alteration skills to make it adjustable and customised to my size. It's surely not your average everyday outfit, but it's sure one of my favourite yet. Even if i get board of it, the great thing is i can simply cut the jumpsuit into just trousers or a jacket separately, but the question is, how long will this trend last? I matched the gold detailing on the glasses, necklace with resemblance to the memorial gold gates.


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