Friday, September 14, 2012

LFW Outfit Day 1: Red Dragon

[Shoes] Zara [Trousers] Fashitects Clothing [Shirt] Vintage [Blazer] Fashitects Clothing [ClutchCase] John Lewis
London Fashion Week Outfit Day 1 has sure been a blast, bold as ever, clashing like the titans of the sea, burning like flames, thats right today's theme is the Oriental Red Dragon. The infused one of a kind print from the Kimono I made into part of my original design is surely unique and differentiates what we have in the market today. Giving the photographer's something captivating with layered prints, colour clashing and detail. Some people may never understand why am I this exuberant during this period or generally any other time, waking up in the morning dressed bold whilst the people on the train wear traditional work/suit wear. I attempted a fresher intake on traditional suits, always by adding a Fashitect's twist to the way I challenge my styles and shuffle Items of clothing. Whether this may be reworking the traditional fit to a different style or the way I like it hung over my shoulders. Double contrasting with the iconic red for the British Telephone Box, Transport Buses, what better than to stand next to one. 


  1. oh i saw you in the que for corrie nielson! love the baroque feel to this

  2. Wao! Amazing look! Really good!

    Love your blog!

    Peter S.

  3. Hey Toni! love this outfit and of course it was so lovely meeting you :) You are so sweet <3<3 xxx

    Anouska x


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