Monday, December 17, 2012

[LB] Underground

[Shoes] Zara [Trousers] Topman [Blazer] Topman [Coat] Israeli Vintage 
For me it's commuting into Central London for an average of 45 minutes before you can say I have reached the Zone 1 of shopping. The underground can be a daunting place in terms of where to look, as you tend to get the odd people who stare. This is the moment where you look at the advertisements or the train line information. The occasional person with their arms by your face, or leaning against the tube doors because it is too cramped.  It's always a challenge when you want to take photos, without looking embarrassed as people look at you with confusion. As for my choice of three colour blocked socks, the red was suppose to be playing hide and seek, but now I guess the underground tube was a colour coordinated choice. 


  1. haha underground photoshoot is the worse :'D so packed and everyone staring! you did a mighty fine job toni ^^ you look superb as well :D

    1. Thanks! Indeed its the moment when everyone on the train is staring. I forgot to take an outfit picture post, so on the way home was the only way...

  2. Nice coat! I love the way it looks with the belt
    You're so classy

  3. I saw you wearing this! defiantly stopped and looked!


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