Sunday, February 09, 2014

[Behind the Scenes] Toni & Guy Studio

Karmen Kocisova @FirstLondon Models & Slovakia @Heriett Models 
Wind swept, metres above from pedestrian crossroads, the rooftop view is a vision you had to experience. If only it was New York right now, you could only imagine if this scenery was spectacular at 5th floor, imagine 100th floor! You'd have to be courageous enough to with stand height phobias. This time of season the models are fluctuating the streets with the elongated figures going around for castings. We teamed up with Toni & Guy and Lulu Liu designer for a quick 15 minute photoshoot in preparation for London Fashion week. The inspiration was the human structured silhouette being framed by the Architecture, with hair blowing ventilation systems to add to the dramatic style. 
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