Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Lookbook] Sunnyville Sportsman

[Sandals] Forever 21 [Suit] Topman [Sports Vest] Evisu [Tie] Next [Structured Dr's Bag] Vintage [Sunglasses] AcneStudios 
You've probably noticed Architecture plays a big impact on my so called 'Editorials'. The context, colours, and overall atmosphere of a photo is more than just standing in the middle of the street (style). Let's keep it natural like the super sunny weather we have in London. On minute it's hot, so you whip of your blazer, and reveal a magic trick with the modernised twist of sports jersey Evisu Vest. Out of the ordinary with socks & sandals once again, but I suppose the public's verdict on Socks and feet is beyond your fetish preference. We've all seen the predictable tailored suits, but sporting basketball boldness has indeed brightened up my day. Combining sportswear and traditional suiting, is beyond an unusual mix but who is to say what's in season. When all that matter is the sun shining and everyones smiling right? Time to loose the layers and say hello to Summer (soon...)
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Photo's by Alicepoint


  1. New Blogger. Can I get some tips please?

    1. Just be yourself. Everyone starts from beginning, how you market yourself is up to you.

  2. I like your style!

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