Friday, May 23, 2014

[Lookbook] Pagoda Patterns

[Sandals] Forever21 [Bag] Hickies [Trousers] ASOS [Shirt] Dolce & Gabbana [Glasses] AcneStudios [Hat] Accessoryo 
It get's as dapper as trousers and shirts when your pretending that your cool as a cucumber, I just don't know how the locals do it. This hide and seek game with the Vietnamese weather is becoming ridiculous, mostly as I want to spend most of my time next to the freezer, cold ventilator and showered in bottled water. Applause to the oxygenated trees, life saving shadows and pagoda style Architecture for attempting to cool my overly moisturised fabric. Getting the uniform right with shorts and vests is perhaps much easier than correcting the tetris shapes in the right slots. My ASOS leaf trousers is the least to resemble the authentic styled trees, paired with the sheer shirt and sandals that are magnetically glued to my feet for the whole duration of this trip. Here's a bloggers tip, just be prepared to bring another spare attire, one that no one ever sees. 
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