Friday, June 13, 2014

[Lookbook] Summer Sadness

[Classic Penny Loafers] Sebago [Suit Trousers & 3 zipped Coat] Fashitect's Collection [Shirt] TMLewin [Glasses] AcneStudios
As much as I enjoyed my month away in Vietnam, there is no place like home. It's nice to touch base with British soil again, strolling around Portobello/Nottinghill with the perfect summer weather. Managing to cope with 35 degree heats in #FashitectInvadesVietnam (more photos to come), am glad am far from the humidity and mosquitoes that like a bit of British blood. Exposed white sheek with the classic slim fit TM Lewin curved collar shirt, you can never go wrong with a buttoned or unbuttoned style; PS. it compliments everything. I am satisfied with white shirts for life, it's the ideal menswear essential - if you don't have one, where have you been shopping?  Clean, elegant and sophisticated for summer, another match coordinated with the cloudless sky, is the Sebago Classic Loafers. A burst of electric blue suede, it's ideal for any occasion; just like a trip to your local florist. Now, that's what I call a gentleman. Who doesn't like flowers, it get's everyone look, as if my designer suit combo wasn't enough. Here is to summer memories. 
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Photos by AlicePoint


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